First steps with the HC-05 on the BeagleBone Black

Wireless communication between an embedded device and PC or smartphone is easily accomplished using the HC-05 bluetooth module. The BeagleBone is a great tool to explore the features of it and one can even settle with bluetooth in his final application.
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Data acquisition over USB based on an ATTiny: review

easylogger_sceenshotData acquisition peripherals for computers make a lot of science experiments easier and open up new ways of automation. In other words, they’re fun. I’ve recently come across a really cool AVR project done by Jacques Lepot, The cheapest dual trace scope in the galaxy, and I felt that I need to build one. Although his original blog post lacks quite some details, reading the comments and doing a bit of research revealed most of them. Here I’d like to present a collection of links with the key information which helps in debugging, and also provide a new software on the PC side to collect data (supporting Windows 7, unlike the one presented in the original post). Continue reading