Data acquisition over USB based on an ATTiny: review

easylogger_sceenshotData acquisition peripherals for computers make a lot of science experiments easier and open up new ways of automation. In other words, they’re fun. I’ve recently come across a really cool AVR project done by Jacques Lepot, The cheapest dual trace scope in the galaxy, and I felt that I need to build one. Although his original blog post lacks quite some details, reading the comments and doing a bit of research revealed most of them. Here I’d like to present a collection of links with the key information which helps in debugging, and also provide a new software on the PC side to collect data (supporting Windows 7, unlike the one presented in the original post). Continue reading


Data logging and graphing using RRDtool

hourlyWhen it comes to logging some data over a long period of time, RRDtool is a convenient solution. Creating and updating the RRD database is simple, graphing is fairly easy as well. To make the graphs available over the web, I chose to install the lighttpd web server.
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