Blacklisting range of IPs using iptables: the quick and dirty way

Let’s suppose you have a list with IPs you want to block on your router, for example from

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Playing Gemini Rue under Linux with the native AGS engine

Gemini Rue
I’ve just finished playing Beneath a Steel Sky and started looking for another point-and-click sci-fi RPG and found Gemini Rue. It turned out that it uses the engine from Adventure Game Studio, which has a native port for Linux. Running the game using the native engine came out pretty straightforward. Here are the steps I had to follow.
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Data acquisition over USB based on an ATTiny: review

easylogger_sceenshotData acquisition peripherals for computers make a lot of science experiments easier and open up new ways of automation. In other words, they’re fun. I’ve recently come across a really cool AVR project done by Jacques Lepot, The cheapest dual trace scope in the galaxy, and I felt that I need to build one. Although his original blog post lacks quite some details, reading the comments and doing a bit of research revealed most of them. Here I’d like to present a collection of links with the key information which helps in debugging, and also provide a new software on the PC side to collect data (supporting Windows 7, unlike the one presented in the original post). Continue reading

Texmaker + SumatraPDF, forward and inverse search

g4233For the forward search, go to Texmaker > Options > Configure Texmaker, switch to External PDF viewer and set:

"C:/Program Files (x86)/SumatraPDF/SumatraPDF.exe" "%.pdf" -reuse-instance -forward-search "#.tex" @

To make this working, you need to pass -synctex=1 (or -synctex=-1, for zipped and non-zipped synctex files, respectively) to pdflatex.

For the inverse search, go to SumatraPDF > Settings > Options and enter the command below in the inverse search box with your own path for texmaker.exe:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Texmaker\texmaker.exe" "%f" -line %l

Note: I have encountered documents where inverse search didn’t jump to the proper line in the source. I’ve found empirically that the pdfsync package can help in such cases, although it is considered deprecated and can interfere with other packages. So, if it doesn’t work with the above settings for you either, try


in the preamble of your LaTeX document.